Marian High School 1956 - 2018

With deep regret, Marian High School completed its mission at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Since 2004, both the Board and administration at Marian sought to meet the challenges confronting the school in the areas of enrollment and balanced budgets, while maintaining an enriching and sustainable academic environment. Marian sought to build a stronger foundation, through community partnerships, increased efforts in fundraising, marketing, and enrollment. However, despite these continued best efforts enrollment regrettably decreased and the demand for financial aid increased, leading to the unfortunate point where the continued operation of Marian was no longer sustainable.

Since 1956, Marian High School proudly carried out its mission of fostering the growth and development of everyone in an environment of respect and accountability. The Sisters of Saint Joseph set the foundation for this spirit and through the community’s dedication to their charism, Marian “cared for the dear neighbor without distinction.” Marian’s curriculum emphasized developing the “whole student,” integrating faith, community service, and intellectual curiosity, all the while instilling an active awareness and drive for social justice. Marian students were exceptional young people, bringing great energy to the Metro-West community. The alumni serve their communities in countless ways, forever shaped by the excellent education they received at Marian.

For over six decades, the dedication and commitment of Marian’s faculty and staff led to the success of thousands of young men and women. These dedicated educators did their job with enthusiasm, kindness, and care.

Everyone who has ever been associated with Marian is blessed with many wonderful memories of the sixty-one years that Marian High School served the Metro-West community. The Mustang spirit will live on in all those who walked that halls at 273 Union Avenue, Framingham, MA.

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